Beginning to Update for 2017


January 28, 2017


We have begun to update the site for 2017. Today we have replaced last year’s CSA information and invite you to begin signing up for the season. If you do so before February 20 you will receive an additional 5% discount on all purchases. See Our CSA page (linked on right) for full information.


Keep an eye on this site for further updates very soon. And if you have not yet signed up to receive our periodic newsletter, this is a great time to do so, as a new issue will be e-mailed to you shortly.

Closed for the Season But Still Working


November 30, 2016

We have now stopped all retail sales for the season.

But for a few weeks yet we are still harvesting some great Salanova lettuce mix from the unheated greenhouse for restaurant customers.

And we are surely planning for next season: we are cleaning the facilities and equipment, getting the greenhouses ready for spring, stowing the  tents and covering the coolers, doing some routine maintenance and repairs on the tractors and other equipment and finishing some building projects before the snow flies.

But the major tasks for now are planning-related: taking inventory of remaining seeds, planning new seed and supplies orders, doing year-end calculations of hurried harvest and sales and project notes scribbled during the season. And, especially, attending conferences and studying and planning how to reshape various enterprises for productivity and efficiency.

We continue to enjoy the work but value the less-hectic (and, frankly, less physically-demanding) pace of this season.

We send our thanks to you for your support this year and our wishes for a healthy, safe and happy winter for you and yours.


Season Winding Down


October 2, 2016

Our farmstand has now closed for the season but we continue to attend the Portland Farmers Market on Saturdays.

You can read about both these developments on our Hours and Farmers Markets page and about our fall crops on our Available Now page.

Thanks for checking in.

Peaches Have Arrived


August 23, 2016

The peaches have arrived at the farm in good condition. Despite the hot dry weather that created our unexpected opportunity to get them, their size is close to the usual large/extra large.

You may pick up pre-ordered boxes of about 23 lbs or simply buy smaller quantities (up to a limit of  1/2 peck).

Peaches will be available under this plan until sold out

Whatever your strategy, I anticipate great satisfaction and great eating.

We’ll open early tomorrow (Wednesday, August 24) and stay open an hour longer, making our hours, TOMORROW ONLY, 9-5:30. After that we’ll return to our regular hours.

Updated Pages and Crops and Schedule


August 18, 2016

The farmstand is now open for the season: the tent is up, the coolers are filling, and hours are increasing proportionately to crop variety and quantity.

Click here to check updated information on our Available Now page and here to visit our Hours and Farmers Markets page.


I have tonight updated the peaches page to reflect the just-concluded phone call confirming that we WILL be able to offer peaches from the same Connecticut orchard again this season. See our Peaches page for information and procedure.

Thanks for your support, and I look forward to seeing you at the farm soon.

Changes in Schedule: A Brief Hiatus


June 23, 2016

We have entered a short transition period between vegetable seedlings and the beginning of summer produce. We will therefore be closed for about 10 days while the crops continue to mature and we can reopen the farmstand.

Please check our page Hours and Farmers Markets for further information,

And please check for new updates about June 27 or 28 .

Farmer Games


February 17, 2016

The Portland Farmers Market invites you to have good fun for a good cause.

As regular Market shoppers know, the Portland Farmers Market Association has placed great emphasis on increasing access to the great local food available there. We have made several changes to how we do things with this goal in mind, and are still planning.

One of the most important changes has been to participate in the SNAP program, allowing Snap recipients to conveniently access the high quality local foods available in abundance at the market. Unfortunately, maintaining this valuable program entails substantial costs to the market. If you believe in this program, and want to see it continue, we ask your help.

This Sunday the Market is holding a fun fair/fundraiser at the site of the Saturday Winter Market, 84 Cove Street in Portland. ”Goofy fun” is the agenda for the afternoon; the main attraction will feature four local celebrities battling 4 farmers in tests of strength and dexterity: see poster here. The frivolity will reign from 1-4 PM, Sunday, February 21.

Please come join us and help support our SNAP initiative and other programs.

For more information, you can check the Facebook page here.

Pages Updated


January 26, 2016

We have updated several pages:

Crops lists the wide variety of crops we intend to grow in 2016.

Our CSA page now has a brief history of the CSA movement, a description of our CSA model, and a Membership Application to print and mail to us; if subscriptions are paid before February 29, 2016, you will receive an extra 5% bonus discount in calculating your purchase.

Help Wanted lists our needs for the 2016 season and explains how to obtain more information.

Our Partners has been expanded and updated; please check the list of local businesses that support us, and return the favor by patronizing them. If you own a business and would like to work together this coming season, please contact us to discuss your needs and the possibilities.


Peaches Are Here!


August 27, 2015

The peaches arrived at the farm this evening after my quick round-trip to CT. They are in great condition: just picked at the perfect stage to ripen fully to sweet and juicy, yet firm enough to travel without damage. :)!

I also bought along some Paulared and Ginger Gold apples; they, too, are sizable beauties just bursting with the juicy tang of fall.

And I brought one more treat. No, not Bartlett pears, which aren’t ready yet this year. (Think peach postponement.) This one you’ll just have to try.

We’ll open at 9 AM on Friday, August 28 for peaches and all the other great produce we pick every day. Thereafter, we’ll open at our usual time of 10 AM.

See you soon!